The 2004 - 30th Anniversary Reunion

 for the

Daramalan Class of 74.


 We have approx 230 names of old boys from the Dara Class of 1974. We have about 95 email addresses and 95 snail mail addresses for old boys and about 40 old boys for whom we have no contact information.

Reunion Letter1 and Reunion Letter2 crafted by Leo Clarke set the scene for our coming together and provided most of the information needed by those wanting to attend.

In the end about 55 old boys from the Dara Class of 1974 got together at Wests at Turner - the old North Canberra Bowling Club on Saturday 23 October to catch up with old friends (including some who were attending their first reunion), relive some of the good times and chart the course of life since 1974.

Special thanks to Tony Goodwin who arranged a distinctive bottling of Red to commemorate the event and the organising committee.

(The Paul Cain's photos - Paul reckons only his golf is better than his photography!)

Andrew Zawartko, Rudi Anzillero, Chris Garvan, Mrs Garvan, and Others!

Bruce Jolley, Simon Brockwell, Terry Quinane, Dick Smeltink, Phil Dodson, Terry Cleary

Andrew Zawartko, Rudi Anzillero, Mrs Garvan, Greg Spencer, Chris Garvan,

 Geoff Myers, Greg Bayliss, Peter Ruffy and Bruce Jolley

Keep in touch and we'll see you again in 2009!

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