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Music Pages:

Metallica PageMetClub
Metallica PageMetallicA guitar tab files
Metallica PageMatt MetallicA page
Offspring PageAustralian / American Offspring page
Tool PageTool Page

Martial Arts Pages:

Martial Arts page Martial Arts Resourse page
Martial Arts page Rhee Tae Kwon Do page

Programming Pages:

Progamming in CGame Programming
ProgammingRandall Hyde's Web Sever

Tesla Coils and High Voltage:

Tesla coil construction pageTesla Coil Page
Weird stuffWeird Stuff
High Voltage StuffHigh Voltage Stuff

Other sites:

Games codes and cheatsHyper@ctive Games
old alien pageAliens
self explainitoryInteresting Devices Connected to the Net
PIC and Basic Stamp pageParallax
possible java script [hasn't been check recently]Java Script: cut and paste
Timmy's PageTimmy's Page
Evil Otto's PageEvil Otto's Page (Luke Gowen)
search engineAltavista Mainpage


Family Pages:

My sister's Page
Quinane Home Page


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