Sketor the Lizard


Sketor is a Common Blue Tongue Lizard (Tiliqua scincoides). Blue Tongue Lizards are native to Australia and common on the east coast from Queensland to Victoria.

The Common Blue Tongue lizard is a skink which accepts captivity with little fuss. When approached, its defence is to puff up its body, hiss and open its mouth to display its broad blue tongue.

It rarely bites but like most skinks it may shed its tail if handled roughly or frightened. Blue tongues are largely carnivorous, preferring lean meat, snails (one of their favourite foods - make there no snail bait has been used!) and insects and grubs, but they will also eat grapes and bananas. They grow to about 45 cm.

We feed Sektor on the following mixture:

500 gms of lean mince
cup of bran
cup of diced lettuce
1 whole egg including the crushed shell
cup of diced capsicum

To this mixture we add reptile vitamins and calcium.


Sketor has been adopted out and is now living with another family in Canberra

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