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The Quinanes emigrated to Australia from the Upperchurch and Borrisoleigh Parishes near Thurles in County Tipperary Ireland between 1845 and 1880.
Most of the families arriving in Australia landed at the port of Melbourne in the State of Victoria and then headed to the Ballarat Gold Fields. After a number of years in the gold fields, the two main families moved to the Bellarine Pennisula near the city of Geelong in the State of Victoria.

From here the family has spread throughout Victoria and the neighbouring state of New South Wales.

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The Canadian Connection

Quinanes leaving Ireland also emigrated to Canada.

Catherine Quinane - The 1871 Ontario Census list Catherine Quinane, born 1846-1847 in Ontario and aged 24 . Catherine was of Irish origin, a Roman Catholic and a servant.

Thomas Quinane - the Passenger and Immigration Index 1500s-1900s lists Thomas Quinane a dying enroute to Canada - the record is contained in a register of Deceased Persons at Sea and on Grosse Ile in 1847.

Patrick Quinane - The 1881 Canadian Census lists Patrick Quinane, Catholic, aged 46 (born 1835 in Ireland) a Miner(?) at Vict. Yard of Halifax, Nova Scotia. His wife Ellen also aged 46 (also born 1835 in Ireland) and their children William Patrick aged 17 (born 1864) and daughter Bessie aged 14 (born 1867).

The LDS has a record of another daughter Elizabeth C Quinane born to this couple on 27 February 1867. Elizabeth may have died prior to the 1881 census. This record shows Ellen's maiden name as Egan.


The Gold Fields and the Eureka Stockade

Are you one of Eureka's Children ?

If you are a descendant of any of the Quinanes who migrated to Australia, then you are one of Eureka's Children and I would strongly encourage you to keep your connections with the Eureka uprising alive by joining the Eureka's Children Association.


If you wish to submit your own details recording your connection with the Eureka Stockade,

you can complete the questionnaire on the Eureka's Children website. If you need any assistance establishing your connection to Eureka, please email me.


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Information about Patrick Quinane's claim for compensation arising from the Eureka uprising can be found in the October 1998 edition of the Quinane Family Flyer.

Detailed information about the Ballarat Gold Fields and the Eureka uprising can be found at



You may also be interested in a new book titled "The Eureka Encyclopeadia" released to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the Eureka Uprising in 2004.

The 21st edition of the 'Tain" Magazine also contains some information on the recent Eureka celebrations at http://www.tain.net.au/tain21/contnt21.htm 

You may also be interested in the Book "Women of Eureka, which features some information about Nancy Quinane, refer



Quinane Gedcom File

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List of surnames that Quinanes married

The following is a list of surnames of spouses who have married into the Quinane Family:

Alcock Alexander Alleyn Anderson Andrews Armstrong Arthur
Atkins Bandy Barker Barnes Barnett Bartel Bellis
Bergin Berkery Bishop Blackwall Bohan Border Boswell
Bourke Boyd Bradley Bradshaw   Breen Brennan
Britton Bromwich Brown Buckle Burke Burke [of The River] Burns
Butler Byrne Cahill Cameron Campbell Carew Carlton
Carroll Casey Cassidy Castles Cato Chanta Chanter
Chapman Clancy Clark Clarke Clayton Cleary Clements
Collins Conlan Conlon Connors Conway Cooke Cooper
Corbett Cottrell Craddock Cregan Crehan Crittenden Cummins
Currie Daley Daly Daul Davis Dawson Deady
Delahunty Donovan Douglas Duncan Dunne Dwyer Eddie
Eder Edwards Elms Enever Fahy Fanning Field
Fitzgerald Fletcher Flynn Fogarty Foley Freeth Gannon
Garrett Gavel Gaylard Gaynor George Gillard Gillman
Gleason Gleenon Gleeson Green Grogan Growney Hall
Hanley Hanrahan Hardman Harmon Haunstein Hayes Haywood
Heagney Heath Heatherton Heelan Heffernan Hevern Hickey
Hill Hobbins Hodder Holloway Hopkinson Horne Houston
Howley Hurley Hutchins Huxedurp Ivec Izzard Jenkins
Jereb Johnson Jordan Kane Kearns Kelhear Kelly
Kemp Kemster Kennedy Kenny Keogh Kershaw Kinnane
Kinsella Knight Lang Large Lawless Leary Lee
Lieis Lowrie Lyons Madden Maher Malone Mann
Marrovitch Martin Mason McAndrews McAuley McAuliffe McCarty
McCormack McDonald Mcdonnell Mcgrath McInerney McIntosh Mckenzie
McMahon McNamara McPherson Meade Meade Mewburn Missen
Mohr Monaghan Montgomery Moore Morrish Morrison Morton
Moylan Mularvey Mullavey Mullin Murphy Murray Musgrave
Neave Nicholls Norman Norris Nunn O'Brian O'Brien
O'Connell O'Connor O'Dea O'Donnell O'Donovan O'Keefe O'Keefe
O'Meara O'Neil Osbourne O'Sullivan Oswald Owens Packer
Pascoe Pavlec Pearce Perkins Perrott Petrie Pilgrim
Pimm Piper Potter Power Priestly Pys Quigley
Quinlan Quinn Rae Ray Reardon Reiher Reilly
Richmond Riordan Rugg Ryall Ryan Ryan (Currigan) Ryan [Antony]
Ryan-Lewis Schattenkerk Seabrook Serong Seymour Shanahan Sharp
Sheahy Sheridan Shortridge Shuttleworth Simon Slattery Sloane
Small Spooner Stacey Stapleton Stiff Stomilovic Stranghair
Sullivan Sweeney Sweet Tait Tanner Taylor Todd
Vearing Vendy Verga Vines Walker Wallace Walsh
Ward Wardius Watson Weidner Wheeler Whelan White
Whymark Williams Wilson Wood Yates Young Younger

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