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Class of 1974

Students who completed 6th Form
 in 1974 and/or 4th Form in 1972.

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Dara's Class of 1974

Stay in contact - email any changes to your email address, snail mail address and mobile phone number to Terry Quinane (terry@quinane.id.au )


Having trouble remembering which reunions you've been to or who was there? - Read Leo Clarke's Reunion Roundup!


** The 2024 - 50th Anniversary Reunion **


Final details for this year's reunion are:


When: from 5;30 pm on Friday 1st November 2024
Where: The RUC, 54 McCaughey Street, Turner
What: It's dead easy this year - you don't need to tell us that you are coming or pay any money, just turn up at the RUC. We have reserved an area just inside the main entrance where you can have a drink and if you want, order a meal.

Please pass on the details to others you are in contact with and we look forward to catching up and chewing the fat again in November!



The 2019 - 45th Anniversary Reunion

(held at the RUC in Turner)


The 2014 - 40th Anniversary Reunion

(held on 8th November 2014 at the Helenic Club at Woden)



The 2009 - 35th Anniversary Reunion

(held on 14th November 2009 at Daramalan College)


Truants - The Headmaster has been unable to contact these old boys and is asking why they have not been seen at reunions


Allan, Timothy Peter - Found near Cairns in QLD Anderson, John T   Bridger, Chris Blake
Bryde, Chris Cobb, Peter Graham Curtis, Peter Gordon, James Alexander
Hall, Warren Harris, Alan James Jessop, Kevin Kelleher, Stephen
Kennedy, Peter B Magee, Andrew Maguire, Steven Maher, Trevor
Mills, Peter Julien O'Brien, Stephen Michael O'Loghlin, Paul O'Neill, John Peter
O'Neill, Paul A - Found in WA Reader, Michael P Roberts, Gregory B Ryall, Patrick John
Ryan, Michael Scanlon, Sean Walsh, Brian Walsh, Chris Michael
White, David John      


Some of the class of '74 have left us to soar with the Dara eagle, they are:

Bell, David Paul (19/8/1985) Browne, Peter A (28/3/2005) Callahan, Michael John (28/8/1973)
Di Pauli,Ennio (2/5/1999)

Fernon, Richard Brian

(17 Mar 2003)

Mark Harrison (9 May 2014)
Jewell, Mark Phillip (3 Dec 2003) Johnston, Thomas James (30/12/1986) Laming, Kent (22/4/1973)
Leahy, Phillip F (19/12/2001)    
MacKenzie, Paul (20 Dec 2003) Malyszko, Victor McKee, John (29 Nov 2007)
McMahon, Damien (10/2/1990) McMahon, Paul Gregory  (19/6/1973)

O'Shea, John Bennett

(17 Jul 2010)



Parker, Errol Stanley

 (15 Apr 2007)






The 2004 - 30th Anniversary Reunion  - including the Paul Cain Photos!

(Held on Saturday 23rd October at Wests at Turner - the old North Canberra Bowling Club)

Photos from The 25th Anniversay Reunion in 1999
(The Reunion was held at the Blue Beat Cafe in Kingston )

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